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Palm Jaggery

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Palm Jaggery
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  • Palm Jaggery, also known as Karupatti, is a healthy traditional ingredient made from palm juice (pathani) without the use of any chemicals. 
  • Palm jaggery online India is an excellent source of iron and minerals. 
  • Buy Palm jaggery is a sweetener used as a substitute for unrefined sugar. It makes a delicious jaggery dessert with coconut, peanuts, and sesame. 
  • Palm Jaggery online shopping is used in almost all states of India from Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Orissa to Maharashtra. 
  • At Valleyspice we get fresh palm jam from farmers in South India. 
  • Buy karupatti online uses traditional techniques to boil palm juice and collect sugar without any machinery. 
  • Palm jaggery online is made by regular palm tree climbers who make it a family affair and minimize any intermediary intervention. 

Buy Palm Jaggery Online for its Amazing Health Benefits.

Palm Jaggery online is an amazing product made from raw jaggery that substitutes for white sugar. It is a beneficial product rich in nutrients produced from sugarcane and palm tree extract loaded with vitamins and minerals. The best feature of palm jaggery is that it is a healthy natural sweetener devoid of chemicals or any artificial ingredients. Although Palm Jaggery is native to most Asian countries, Maharashtra is the largest producer and consumer in India. In fact, Palm jaggery is widely used all over India, but it is extensively used in South Indian cuisine, sweets, and cakes. Jaggery is considered auspicious as it is used during many religious services, or before the commencement of an important venture or work.

Culinary Uses: Palm jaggery is an unrefined sugar or sweetener used in place of sugar. It can be used as an ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes. It is added to coconut, peanuts, and sesame seeds to make delicious Jaggery sweets. Palm jaggery is used in cuisines of almost all states of India from Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Orissa to Maharashtra.  

Health Benefits: Palm Jaggery online shopping is full of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients with immense health benefits. It can be used as an energy booster restoring healthy digestion. It helps to cleanse your system, heals migraines, regulates bowel movement, enhances immunity, and last but not the least aids in weight loss. Consuming palm jaggery will help in nourishing your skin and helps in preventing and treating acne and pimples. It also helps in purifying blood and preventing anemia and iron deficiency.

How to Store:  Buy karupatti online can be cut into small pieces or reduced to a powder form and stored at room temperature. Refrigerate it if you have to store it for a few months.

We at Valleyspice get fresh palm jaggery straight from the farmers in South India.

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