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  1. Nutmeg Mace - Premium Javitri Flower
    Nutmeg Mace - Premium Javitri Flower
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  2. Nutmeg Raw
    Nutmeg Raw
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  3. Nutmeg Mace - Regular
    Nutmeg Mace - Regular
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Premium and High quality Nutmeg online from Kerala

Nutmeg is the seed, from the fruit of an evergreen tree known as Myristica fragrance. It is also the only tropical tree in the world that is credited for bearing two distinct spices - nutmeg and mace. Nutmeg trees grow best on tropical, humid climates with sandy soil. Kerala is accounting for more than 90 percentage of nutmeg production in India. The climatic conditions of Kerala suit nutmeg, and it is grown in homesteads in the State as an intercrop. Nutmeg trees flower and produce fruits throughout the year, the peak season of harvest is from June to August. The fruits take 9 months from flowering to harvest. When the fleshy rind of the nut splits open, the fruits are fully ripe for picking. They are either plucked from the tree or are allowed to drop on to the ground and then collected.After removal of the outer fleshy rind, mace is detached from the seed shell by hand and flattened out. It is then allowed to dry slowly in the sun for four to six days. During drying the mace gradually becomes brittle and horny and attains a yellowish brown colour. The seeds are dried separately for 5 to 8 days either in the sun or in artificial heat until the kernel rattles inside the shell, which is then broken open with a wooden mallet, and the kernel is taken out. It is a dried seed, which is ground to make a spice.


     Nutmeg Fruit2        Nutmeg Mace         Nutmeg Seeds        Nutmeg Seeds

               Nutmeg Fruit from Plant                                 Nutmeg ripen fruit                                        Nutmeg Mace                                     Nutmeg cracked from shell

Culinary uses of Nutmeg, Jaiphal

Nutmeg is valued for its sweet aroma, is mainly used for culinary purposes to flavor curries and other food products, confectioneries and bakery products. It is also used in the preparation of beverages and drinks.They are important to confectionery, culinary and pharmaceutical industries. Nutmeg and mace also yield 7 to 16 and 4 to 15% of oil respectively. This oil is used for flavouring food products and liquors and also in perfumery industries.

Nutmeg online India from Farmspice

Farmspice opererates its own farm in Idukki district in Kerala and we follow the natural farmic process. Only healthy and good quality nutmegs are supplied by us which are sourced mostly from our farms, or in case additional demand then from trusted and verified nearby farmers.To provide only good quality products, we process these spices in a clean and healthy environment before packing it in moisture free and airtight bags. We offer whole nutmeg at reasonable market rates, as there is no middle person between between the farm and you.

If you are interested for nutmeg in wholesale then please contat us.