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  • Badam is naturally high in fiber and protein, so when you try to maintain or lose weight, it can be a very healthy snack. 
  • Badam online shopping makes the best almond milk, desserts, puddings, and trail mixes with this Btw, these are great for frying too. 
  • Badam online is a nut that boasts an impressive nutritional value, rich in protein, calcium, fiber, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, and vitamin E. 
  • Store almonds in a cool dry place or refrigerate and keep them fresh for more than a year. 
  • Buy badam online from 

Buy Best Quality Badam handpicked from the badam trees in South India 

Badam or Almonds are edible seeds growing on the ‘Prunus Dulcis’ tree commonly known as the almond tree. Badam is a native of the Middle East and South Asia presently the United States is the largest producer of almonds in the World. In India Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and the temperate regions are areas with the largest cultivation of badam.

Badam online is a nut that can boast of an impressive nutritional value being rich in proteins, calcium, fiber, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin E. They have naturally low sugar content and are devoid of any unhealthy fats. Consumption of badam on a regular basis helps to lose weight and prevent heart diseases. It promotes gastrointestinal health with unmatched benefits for your skin and hair. Badam has a long history of promoting brain health and improving memory.

The best way to consume badam for optimal benefits is to soak them overnight and eat with the skin peeled. You can consume badam as a healthy snack during the day or it can be mixed in desserts like kheer, custard, or as a powder mixed in milk to make delicious badam milk. You can use blanched almonds for garnishing cakes, cookies, and sweets.

Buy badam online choosing from the different varieties like Mamra Badam, Gurbandi badam, and Californian Almonds. Store badam in a cool dry place or refrigerate them to keep them fresh for over a year.

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