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Premium whole Cashew

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Premium whole Cashew
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Premium Whole Cashew

Cashew Nuts – the King of Dry Fruits

Cashew is a popular nut that had its origin in Brazil where the cashew trees grow exceptionally high. The cashew nuts can be seen hanging below the large juicy apples from the branches of the cashew tree. In India Cashew was introduced by the Portuguese in Goa over five centuries ago. Now it is grown in areas of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh besides Goa. We specialize in supplying fresh cashews got straight from selected farmers in South India right into your homes.

Cashew is a rich source of vitamins B6, E & K, minerals like copper, zinc, iron and manganese and antioxidants required for maintaining good health. Cashew nuts although being high in fats, are known to possess healthy unsaturated fats.

Cashews have a rich sweet taste and can be either eaten raw or can be roasted or fried with a little salt before consumption. Cashew is an essential ingredient in gravies and curries making the dishes exotic and rich. Cashews can be sliced and used for garnishing sweet dishes like Kheer, Gajar Halwa, Dal Halwa and many other delectable dishes.

Buy Premium Whole Cashews online. Cashews come in different grades with the jumbo variety being the most expensive. These can be stored in airtight containers to retain their taste and flavor. 

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