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Nutmeg Raw

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Nutmeg Raw
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Buy the Best Hand Picked Nutmeg Online that will be delivered straight from the Plantations

Nutmeg – A Pleasant Aromatic Spice distinguished for its Curative and Aphrodisiac properties.

Nutmeg is a highly prized spice made from the seed of the fruit of the nutmeg tree also known as evergreen Myristica fragrans tree. This evergreen tree is native to the rainforests of Moluccas Islands in Indonesia. The seeds of the tree are dried in the sun for around eight weeks when the seed coat dries and the kernel rattles in the shell. The shell is broken to pick out the nutmeg that is oval shaped being grayish brown in color. The kernel is enwrapped in a crimson lacy or thread like arils called ‘mace’.  Both the spices have a pleasantly sweet aromatic flavor.

Culinary Purposes

Nutmeg and ‘Mace’ are both used to flavor culinary delights all over the world. Mace gives a saffron color to food items while whole kernel is used to give a fresh and rich flavor to dishes. Grated nutmeg is used for seasoning sweet as well as savory dishes. Nutmeg online is grounded with other spices to prepare ‘Garam Masala’ used to flavor Indian dishes..

Health Benefits

Nutmeg contains certain chemical compounds that work like antioxidants promoting good health. Nutmeg online is used in therapeutic applications working like an anti depressant with digestive and aphrodisiac functions. The spice is a rich in minerals like copper, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium that helps to control blood pressure and heart rate. Nutmeg is an essential element for optimum health since it is a rich source of B-complex vitamins including folic acid and Vitamin C. Nutmeg and its oil has been used in Indian and Chinese medicines for centuries to treat any illness of the nervous and digestive systems. Eugenol contained in nutmeg oil is known to treat rheumatic pains and toothache.

How to Store

It is best to buy whole nutmeg kernels to preserve its original flavors. Store whole nuts or nutmeg powder in airtight containers and keep in a cool dry place where they will retain their aroma even after several months.

There is one answer to the question, Where to buy fresh nutmeg? Buy nutmeg online if you want the fresh spice delivered to you at your convenience.



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