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Black Pepper Premium

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Black Pepper Premium
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Black Pepper Premium

Black Pepper Premium or ‘Kali Mirch’ as it is popularly called is mostly sourced from Malabar Coast in India. Black Pepper or black peppercorns belong to the Piperaceae family that grows on flowering vines and is cultivated mostly for its fruit. The fruit is dried and used either as a spice or as seasoning in several cuisines. It’s dark and pungent nature is selected for its aroma and quality dramatically enhancing the taste of your food.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Black pepper was in olden times called ‘Black Gold’ as it was used as a form of currency in earlier times and the ‘King of Spices’ for its distinctive flavor and taste. It contains several medicinal properties and nutritional values as it contains iron, manganese, potassium and vitamin C & K. It contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, fever reducing and immunity boosting properties due to which it is also called a medicinal spice. Black pepper is used to relieve and cure cold and cough, lowers blood pressure, stimulates digestion, helps to counteract depression, enables weight loss and even prevents diseases like cancer. It contains an oil piperine that helps to ease aching muscles and arthritis. Black Pepper has excellent anti-aging benefits and helps to treat acne and fights wrinkles by exfoliating the skin and cures Vitiligo. It even helps treat dandruff and revitalizes hair making it shiny and soft.

Ways to Preserve Black Pepper

Black pepper can be got in crushed form or as whole. The best is to buy whole peppercorns and freshly grind them in a grinder to retain the flavor and taste. The wisest thing would be to grind small quantities of peppercorns and store them in an air tight glass bottle.

Culinary Uses of Black Pepper

Black pepper is used at all mealtimes right from breakfast to dinner. At breakfast you can sprinkle crushed black pepper on your egg sunny side up to sprinkling it on curd, soups or cold salads or for that matter on any dish. At times you can place whole peppers in a pepper grinder right on your dining table and freshly grind the pepper by hand.

Whether it is Ginger pepper fish, whole roasted pepper chicken or Spicy black pepper sauce, no delectable menu is complete without this tasty and flavored spice. In fact no dish is really complete without a dash of black pepper whether Chinese, Continental Thai or Indian.

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