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Organic Green Tea (POABS)

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Organic Green Tea (POABS)
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Green tea is an enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle. Green tea is not fermented during the manufacturing process, allowing its healing and health-protecting compounds to stay largely intact.

Health benefits of Green Tea-

Drinking green tea is a great way to rev up your metabolism as green tea is packed with metabolism-boosting flavonoids called catechins. Green tea is rich in theanine, a beneficial amino acid found almost exclusively in Camellia sinensis plants. When your metabolism is cranked into high gear, your body will burn more energy, which in turn can help you lose excess body weight. Research suggests that theanine in tea plants helps boost the immune system and prevent infections by enhancing the activities of a group of disease-fighting cells.

How to prepare Green Tea -

  • Use fresh, pure, cold filtered water.
  • Typically, green teas are brewed in short infusions at around 80 to 85 degrees Celsius. If you don’t have an electric kettle with temperature control, simply allow your boiling water to rest before pouring it over your green tea leaves. If the water is too hot, your tea will release more bitterness and astringency more quickly.
  • Recommend 1 spoon of loose leaf tea per 1 glass of water. 
  • Cover your steeping tea to keep all the heat in the steeping vessel. Green tea should steep from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Adding milk (and even sugar) to your green tea is okay if you like to season your cuppa. Keep in mind that the flavor of green tea is generally quite light and you may cover it up with the addition of milk and/or sugar, and you’ ll also be adding calories
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