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Rasnadi Powder Ayurvedic

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Rasnadi Powder Ayurvedic
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Rasnadi powder or Rasani choornam is an Ayurvedic medicine that is very effective in curing headache, ear ache, cold, cough, running nose and sinusitis in general. This Kerala Ayurvedic formulated powder also helps people suffering from rheumatism. Rasandi powder is only for external use.

The best way to use Rasandi powder is to make a paste by mixing a little powder with a little castor oil or water and then applied on the forehead and scalp for instant relief from headache. The main ingredients of this powder contain analgesic and anti inflammatory properties that besides relieving the severity of the headache also prevents their recurrence. In fact regular application will work like a preventive measure for all the symptoms of sinusitis and respiratory tract infections.

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