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Ramacham Whole

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Ramacham Whole
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Vetiver or Ramacham also referred to as ‘Khus’ are tall perennial grasses that grow in Western, Northern, and Central India. It belongs to the Poaceae family and grows wild in dry and often flood ravaged tracts. Ramacham is different from other varieties of grass as its roots grow downwards that grow deep up to 4 m in depth. Its spongy roots contain fragrant oil that can be used as a perfume. The dry aromatic roots are also used for making mats, curtains, fans and other items that when moistened give out a cool sweet aroma.

Herbal water is made by boiling dried roots that is believed to be good for your digestion and immune system and helps to improve vigor and vitality. Mats and beddings are made with dried roots that serve as a cure for arthritis patients. While bating Ramacham roots are also used as a body cleaning brush. These roots are a natural remedy for curing ulcers, headaches and many blood related disorders. It also works as a blood purifier by removing unwanted body orders and prevents excessive sweating.

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