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Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

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Pure Virgin Coconut Oil
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Virgin Coconut Oil is distinguished as being extracted from coconuts without the heating process. Virgin coconut oil is extracted straight from coconut milk collected from fresh coconuts. After this with the help of several processes like fermentation, churning and refrigeration the oil is separated from water. In fact the whole process of extraction of virgin coconut oil is done without the oil being exposed to heat or sunlight. At times cold compression of fresh dried coconuts is done to obtain virgin coconut oil by the process of micro-expelling.

The popularity of virgin coconut oil is due to its taste and flavor as it is obtained from fresh coconuts. Since it is not refined all the natural goodness of coconuts are preserved. Virgin coconut oil besides being a great moisturizing agent has several antioxidant properties. It contains high degree of Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, good cholesterol and bare minimum of trans fatty acids. It is distinctively rich in Lauric Acid which is the main ingredient in mother’s milk that aids in building the immune system of infants. Moreover the shelf life of virgin coconut oil is much longer than any other edible oils. It is generally a little more expensive as compared to regular coconut due to its costly and complicated production process.

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