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Premium Green Tea (ValleySpice)

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Premium Green Tea (ValleySpice)
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Green Tea

Buy Premium Organic Green Tea Online

Green Tea -The healthiest beverage on this planet loaded with nutrients and antioxidants

Green Tea is a variety of tea produced from the leaves ‘Camellia sinensis’ that do not go through the withering and oxidation process used to make black tea. Though green tea originated in China and India, its use has now spread to most countries worldwide due to its various beneficial nutrients.

There are several varieties of green tea depending on their growing conditions, production process and time of harvest. In fact the level of oxidation determines the variety of the tea due to which it contains a high level of beneficial polyphenols and anti oxidants.  

Health Benefits

Green tea in earlier times was used as a Chinese and Indian medicine to aid in digestion, heal wounds, control bleeding, improve heart health along with regulating body temperature. Recent studies have revealed that consuming green tea has positive and beneficial effects on nearly all ailments from weight loss to controlling diabetes to liver disorders and even treat Alzheimer’s disease. In fact green tea is being increasingly used in present times to treat skin disorders, lowers cholesterol levels, enhance the functions of the brain and even treat several types of cancer.

How to Prepare Green Tea

Follow the following steps and you will have a refreshing cup of tea ready in minutes. Boil a cup of water while placing a spoon of tea leaves in a strainer. Place the strainer in the cup and add boiling water to it. Keep the strainer in the cup for a couple of minutes and remove it when the color of the tea is adequate. For stronger tea you could leave the strainer for another minute or so. The method of preparing green tea is similar if you are using green tea bags. Here the tea bag has to be placed in a cup of boiling water. Cover the cup for two minutes and then remove the tea bag. Adding a spoon of honey will make your green tea taste really good.

How to Store

Green tea is available as loose leaf or as single tea bags. Keep the green tea leaves in an airtight container in a cool dry place and they will retain their flavor for months.

Buy Green tea online and avail its various benefits.


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