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Jackfruit Chips (home made)

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Jackfruit Chips (home made)
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  • Valleyspice Fresh Homemade Jack Fruit Chips 
  • Made from jackfruit, it is a perfect snack with thin and crispy chips available locally all over Kerala. 
  • Jackfruit chips online contain vitamin C and potassium, which can help boost your immune system. They help improve digestion and rejuvenate your skin. 
  • No added colors or preservatives 
  • Buy jackfruit chips online, it comes in sealed and airtight packaging, which ensures that your chips are fresh and crisp. 

Premium and high-quality Homemade Jackfruit chips online 

Jackfruit Chips is a well-liked and relished snack food in Kerala and the whole of South India. Half ripe flesh of the jackfruit is cut into thin strips and deep-fried in coconut oil till golden brown and made into crisp chips. Jackfruit chips online it is seasoned with salt and turmeric before consumption. This is a healthy snack that you can store in air-tight containers to retain its crispness and flavor.

Since Jackfruit is a rich source of sugar and carbohydrates, consuming jackfruit chips can provide a good source of energy. These chips contain Vitamin C and potassium that will help to boost your immune system. They help to improve digestion and even help to rejuvenate your skin.

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