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Dry Grapes - Black Raisins

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Dry Grapes - Black Raisins
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Purchase Best Quality Black Raisins Online from Valley Spice.

Black Raisins rich in Vitamins, Calcium & Iron

Black raisins are simply dark colored dried grapes eaten either raw as a snack or used for cooking, baking and garnishing. USA, Turkey and South Africa are the largest producers of black raisins. In South India black raisin cultivation is done in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh as the hot tropical climate found here is suitable for growing raisins. Raisins are usually sun dried but are at times dipped in water and dehydrated artificially.

Dry grapes or black raisins as they are popularly called are widely used for their unique flavor and sweet taste. This tiny little fruit has much to offer in terms of natural components present in it and also due to its medicinal properties. Black raisins contain proteins, dietary fiber, fructose, glucose and several antioxidants but they have a generally low sodium and Vitamin C content. Regular consumption of black raisins can help in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. In fact drinking raisin water is excellent for your liver.

Black raisins are available in different sizes and different qualities with the seedless ones being the best. Raisins are used whole in Indian desserts but in rice and curries they are added for flavor and taste. Raisins are best in muffins, cakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies and puddings. Adding black raisins to salads will enhance the taste and color of salads.

Storing black raisins in an airtight container in the refrigerator will preserve them for a longer life preventing them from getting dried. Buy raisins online from Valley Spice as we will provide the best quality raisins freshly handpicked from farms.

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