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Dried Curry Leaf

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Dried Curry Leaf
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Dried Curry leaves also referred to as ‘Kadi patta’ is a common ingredient for a variety of Indian dishes enhancing the taste and flavor. It is also used as a seasoning agent. But one distinctive point is that though these curry leaves add a unique taste to food, they are usually discarded because of their slightly bitter taste.

Dried curry leaves grow on a tree known as ‘Murraya Koenigii’ that grows to a height of two to five metres tall. Dried curry leaves are usually sold whole. These leaves are olive green in color and still retain their flavor. Dried curry leaves are used for cooking South Indian dishes as well as the culinary delights of Kerala, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Dried curry leaves have several health benefits. These leaves contain anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoal properties. These leaves are great for curing skin infections like fungal infections and acne.

At Valley Spice our dried curry leaves are dried on a weekly basis for a subtle yet fresh flavor. Our dried curry leaves are distinguished to have an appetizing aroma that will add a dash of spice and citrus to your curries and vegetables dishes.

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