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CheruThen (Small Honey) - Stingless Bee honey

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CheruThen (Small Honey) - Stingless Bee honey
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Dwell into the natural health benefits of raw honey online

Stingless bees are found in both tropical and subtropical regions like Southeast Asia, America, Africa and Australia. In Kerala the Stingless honey bees are known as ‘Cheruthen eecha’ and the honey produced is called ‘Cheruthen’. These bees are much smaller in size varying in color and appearance but without a stinger. The hives of stingless bees are made in hollow trees and rocks and the raw honey online is made from the nectar collected from small shrubs and herbs that cannot be accessed easily by normal bees due to their bigger size.

Scientific studies have revealed that raw honey online from stingless bees has more nutritional value than normal honey as these bees feed on anti bacterial and anti fungal medicinal plants. Raw honey online is comparatively more expensive as stingless bees produce much less honey as compared to normal bees.

Stingless bee honey has several medicinal benefits. It helps in treating many skin infections, treats coughs and throat irritation and provides relief from bacterial gut infections and ulcers. This raw organic honey is given to infants to make their immune system strong defending against infections. It works as a natural sweetener and can be substituted for sugar. A spoonful of stingless organic honey mixed with a glass of water has a very soothing effect on the mind.

Raw honey, an sweetner by nature is a flower processed nectar. Altrough bees are the true manufacturers of raw honey we give it to you with its freshness concealed.

However many among us confuse with the terms Raw honey vs pure honey. Here are few hints that tells you how raw honey feels like,

- Raw honey is something naturally pure, which is the one you get from Valleyspice

- Other sorts of honey gets into processing in order to filter unnecessary bee residues. Whereas raw honey never undergos such procedures

- No synthetic/color being added to raw honey, if you spot one then it should be unnatural one

- Raw honey has power to lighten and brighten your skin if taken continuously Here are some benefits that let you get most out of raw honey from Valleyspice.

- Adding lemon, honey with hot water reduce that extra fat.

- Honey consumed with yogurt and favourite fruit can digest foods faster than anything else.

- Raw honey considered to have medicinal benefits in healing wounds as it contains hydrogen peroxide

- Since it is naturally availble food item, it has no expiry date when stored in air tight container

- Can be a substitute to sugar for those want natural taste

Why wait then, just get samples of your raw honey online and immense into the natural benefits of honey produced from stingless bees.

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