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Valleyspice - Incha/Inja
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  • Valleyspice "Anja / Inja" natural herbal bath scrubber is made from the bark of the wild bark of the Enja tree.  
  • Buy incha has traditionally used natural herbal scrubs for bathing due to their medicinal importance. 
  • Buy incha scrubber online can be used for various skin ailments such as burning due to its natural antibacterial properties.  
  • Every part of Incha/Inja is used in Ayurvedic treatment to cure various ailments. 
  • Buy inja scrubber for bath. This can be reusable many times. 

Incha/Inja natural herbal scrub for bathing

Buy Incha due to its medicinal importance is traditionally used as a natural herbal scrub for bathing. Due to its natural antibacterial property Incha can be used for various skin ailments like burning etc. Each part of Incha is used to cure different diseases in Ayurvedic treatment.

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